Direct Mail.

Rapid Print Solutions is in the provision of tailored mailing solutions for all of your direct mailing requirements. Personalisation is a key success factor in effectively reaching your customers. We use the latest in high-speed variable colour and monochrome laser printing technology together with high-speed direct inkjet solutions to solve all of your direct mailing requirements.

We offer every solution for every step of your mailing campaign from creative marketing to graphic design to database management to printing, plastic wrapping, inserting, folding and mailing. Services include;

  • Data management: Cleaning, De-duplication, Source code allocation, Conversion to DPID and barcode Merging,
    Purging, Reformatting Barcode sort, Reconciliation,
    Archiving Response Collection Data Entry
  • Procurement: Envelopes, Paper stock, Packaging materials, Unique items
  • Printing: Laser printing (B&W + colour), Inkjet (B&W + Spot Colour)
  • Insertion: Intelligent (mechanised) insertion, Hand Insertion, Match Mail, Plastic wrap
  • Fulfilment: Match Mail, Heat shrinking, Collation, Nesting, Bursting, Manual insertion Hand fulfilment, Specialised packing
  • Lodgement: Barcode sort, Print Post sort, Impact Mail, Off Peak sort, Parcel Post Charity Mail, Clean Mail, Full Rate, Bulk international postage, Prepare Bulk Lodgement Documentation, Unaddressed delivery service, Letterbox drops.



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